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Dandelion window decal

TenStickers. Dandelion window decal. Decorative and self adhesive window decal of a dandelion plant to decorate any window surface in the home. Easy to apply and you can chose the colour.

Simple window decal design of a Dandelion to decorate any window space in the home. The design contains two branches of plant with it stems like spikes forming a fan appearance with a smooth mid point. You can have this dandelion window vinyl sticker in any colour you prefer, we have a list of colour to serve you. . It can be applied both on the living room or bedroom room window. Very high quality products with matte finishing and does not form bubble on the surface when applied, It application is easy with the instruction and you can buy a spatula with it to help better.

Wall colour

Measurements (width x height)

Information about Dandelion window decal

Reference: A17044


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