Vintage Floral Pattern furniture sticker

TenStickers. Vintage Floral Pattern furniture sticker. Give any old object a new lease of life with this super cool vintage pattern design sticker. Choose from a wide variety of sizes!

Wall colour

Measurements (width x height)

The units entered in the size field are in cm.

Minimum Size 3 cm x 3 cm.


In these measurements, the sticker is going to be sent in several pieces.

Give any object in your house an old vintage feel with this super cool vintage design sticker. Any object in your house can be made into a vintage masterpiece with this floral vintage decal. Is something you own falling Apart? Is it looking a little too drab? Well, start making it look like it costs a hundred times more than it actually does and give it a new lease of life with this beautiful vintage pattern sticker. This high quality sticker is really easy to apply and causes no bubbles and just as easy to remove, leaving no residue or damage behind.


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